Saturday, July 31, 2010

Srinagar, Kashmir

We are already in Leh and I did not keep updated the blog for few days. Unfortunately I can not post any photos from here. The internet connection is very slow from here.

Shortly to get you updated. We managed to get overnight train from New Delhi to Jammu. Trains in India are great. They can be very cheap (depends on the class of the train that one is traveling) and they are on time. From Jammu we managed to get on the jeep to Srinagar and in the evening we were already on the beautiful houseboat on the Dal lake (I will post the photo of the houseboat later). The next day we enjoyed the shikra tour on the Dal lake. Beautiful city on the water built by British. We stayed only one day there since our aim was Leh.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

First impressions

My first impressions about India, or rather New Delhi: it is colorful, people are very friendly and the smell of spices is everywhere. And for sure New Delhi is the loudest city I ever visited. Everyone is using horn all the time: bip, bip, biiiiiip. Crossing the street is a life threading experience and taking a riksha or moto-riksha is an unforgettable ride. It is amazing how the drivers are maneuvering in between pedestrians and other vehicles. Complete chaos.

Tomorrow evening we departure North, to Kashmir. Hopefully we manage to reach Srinagar in twenty four hours.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saved by a Towel.

Finally. I manage to get the trip started. And as expected the initial days of the trip were very interesting. We departure from Warsaw according to plan on Wednesday morning. And we were supposed to change in Moscow for the flight to New Delhi. Unfortunately we missed it. This resulted that we had a pleasure to appreciate beautiful airport in Moscow for next 48h. Since we did not have Russia visa, we could not leave the airport...

Before I went for the trip I got many advices. One of them was to keep towel always in a hand luggage as the most useful item for traveling. Now I am sure that a towel is not only important for the travel to Galaxy, but it is important for any type of travel.