Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nicaraguan friends, Polish agents and best food in central America. Everything in Leon.

Agent: Pink Bocian and Agent: Black Bocian
mastering they hiding skills in Leon.
I arrived with chicken bus to the suburbs of Leon. I walked out from the bus, and wanted to eat dinner. It was a very warm afternoon so I had a huge desire for a cold beer. I walked to the local restaurant where I met two Artesanía guys: Chapi and Jonne. They were very surprise to see extranjero (foreign) in this part of the city. But they got very happy when they heard that I am Polish, since Jonne had girlfriend from Czech Republic - Jidka. She was apparently around the corner, so in the moment I was also able to meet Jidka. I ate my dinner and we drunk together a beer. Jidka brought Frisbee so in the meantime we threw a bit Frisbee to each other. It was ages since I did not throw Frisbee!!!

Leon - city of many churches.
I went to Leona and I found cheep accommodation there. In the evening I walked on the street and... Suddenly I heard a polish language. There were two girls walking down the street. So I joined them to their conversation.

Geometrical center of Leon.
Emilia and Ela came for three weeks to Nicaragua. Initially they wanted to travel all over the country, but they started to like the city Leon so much, that they changed they plans and it seemed that they would stay in the city most of their holidays time. Soon I discovered that half of the Leon is simply turning around those girls. Many, many boys tried to hang out with those polish beauties but the girls were only interested in innocent flirting with them. Not all Latin boys could understand the word flirt. When the girls reached the moment when they wanted to "talk with friends" without any flirting, they had hard time to explain it to Latin boys. This was the time when they decided to set a secret agency called "Bocian" ("Stork"- 25% White Stork population is concentrated in Poland). They mastered the skills of hiding against the truck in order to avoid worshiper!!!

Martin and Chapi and
Chapi Artesania work.
One evening we were invited for a Jessy birthday, who is an Nicaraguan and a a cousin of Jonne. With Emilia and Ela we decided to prepare "polish juice". Some time ago I wrote about my favourite juice recipe. You can find it here. Of course it is getting modified every time I make it. This time except some minor modification we introduced one major one. We added polish, fire water. Well, it was not really a polish one. Initially we wanted to get the polish fire water... But Wyborowa was the most expensive vodka in the store!!! It was more expensive then Finlandia vodka! Finally we decided to get 10 times cheaper one, actually the cheapest one in the store, which was even not in a glass bottles but in a plastic ones...
Me, Emila, Ela, Chapi and Martin (German guy that does a medical practise in the local hospital), we all went to the Jessi party. This party took place outside the city center, in the quarter that many students do live. In a small flat. Quite a few local people showed up for the party and our polish juice was very delicious and got very popular.

The penultimate night I was also invited to join the agency. I become a blue bocian. In the agency there was everything. We developed even full language that we could have been sure almost no one else in Leon could understand. But I have to admit that I still need to learn a lot from black and pink bocian to master my agent skills.

Marcedes and her food.
In Leon I also discovered the stall with the best street food in Central America for me so far. The stall was located at the back of cathedral. In this place there were usually two stalls, so please go and check out the one closer to North. This stall is run by the lovely lady Marcedes. One quite evening we had a great and very long conversation. Marcedes was a very lively and a talkative person. She asked me about my age and asked me if I have children. When I answered that I think that I still had time for it, she got a bit surprised. She was one year older than me and she had huge problem, because she could not find a partner. All guys prefer much younger girls. I had already noticed this that women in Nicaragua tended to have their first child very early, usually before 20, and it was not unusual to have the first child at the age of 16. For me it was a great surprise to hear a complain like this from such a lively, talkative person that thanks to her profession knew at least half of the city. I tried to cheer her up and convince that there were for sure some lonely guys in Leon and that she needed to take initiative to look for them. And if not in Leon she could have checked up other cities on Nicaragua. I also told her that there is a saying in polish that the shorties path to man's heart goes through stomach. And Marcedes was a great cook!!!

I hope that Marcedes will find a partner for her life. And you if you ever go to the Leon, please say hello to Mercedes from a Polish guy called Mikowhy (and not Miko since Miko is a bad word in Nicaraguan). As well try: fried cheese, banana with cheese and delicious meat at Marcedes stall.

Most of the time in Leon I spent updating my blog. For sure July will be the most stories described on my blog.... more stories than days in the months.


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