Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas and a few words about my plans.

First of all I would like to wish you all Merry Christmas.
For 13 months I traveled through Asia and Latin America and it was incredible time. I learnt so many things. This was my school of life, or maybe even second PhD in Life. I seriously appreciated the possibility to broaden my horizons so dramatically.

For the Next Year I would like to wish you that you manage to:
- broaden your horizons
- wake up often with a smile on your face
- meet wonderful and good people on your way
- and continue walking on the happiness path.

And now I will tell you a bit about my future plans.
Now I am back home in Łódź enjoying the time with the family. But first of February I will move to Germany to Heidelberg. Where I will study leukemia, CLL in German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). I hope some of you will manage to visit me in Heidelberg :)

Finally, coming back home to Poland.

I was already in Europe for ten days but no-one knew in Poland that I am back. I continue my surprise rout. First I went to Przesiaka in Polish mountains where my sister and my mother were staying. Together with them I went home to Łódź, where I surprised my father and my grandparents. Few days later I surprised my other grandparents and finally I showed up by surprise on the birthday party of one of my friend. And then finally I organize welcome surprise party for the pipette. Welcome home pipette.

Dresden, my second home.

CSC_3383Finally I reached Dresden, my second home. I was able to surprise and meet most of my friends here. Dresden, Dresden, sweet home.

Hitchhiking accross Europe

My "towel" hitch.
After seven months in Latin America I landed in Brussels. Here I met two my friends: Vinciane and Agnieszka. In Brussels I stayed only one day I decided to hitchhike from Brussels to Heidelberg, where I stayed with Mathias for one night. After another hitchhiking day I reached Dresden. My last few hours to Dresden I traveled with the girl. We had a very interesting conversation, but one of her questions was incredible. She asked if I am a serious hitchhiker, if I have a towel!!! This was reference to Douglas Admas book, Hitchhikers to Galaxy about which I mention in my second post on the blog, where I was saved by a towel!. Incredible.

Sudden decision ....

From Yachxilan I went to Palenque, another Maya side. The second day in the morning I had a feeling that .... it was time to go back home...
I went to Internet cafe and looked for flight ticket home. I found one cheap option from Cancun to Brussele by JetAirFly in 48h. Cancun is located only 12h bus ride from Palenque. I thought a bit about this and not telling anyone about my plans I bought it and in the evening I was already in the night bus.
I did not plan to come back already but this was an impulse. I had a feeling that it is time for me to come back, so I did it.

Hitchhiking to Maya ruins.

From Commitan I decided to hitchhike in direction to Tonina, Maya ruins. And indeed it was an impressive Maya ruins. But my next destination was more challenging to reach - remote Maya ruins called Yaxchilan. I had two possible ways to get there. One I had to go back to Commitan and travel around on the main road or try to go on a side road. It was impossible for me to predict how often there would be a mean of transport on this side road, but it means .... adventure :)

100% Mexican party in Commitan

Francisco and his
Mexico famous drink.
Do you remember incredible Karolka, who I met in Brasilia during carnival? She has a good friend in Mexico, Francisco ala El Nuca. I contacted him through CouchSurfing platform and I got invitation for birthday party in Commitan!!! Since I was in San Cristobal De Las Casas I managed to hitchhike to Commitnan in two hours.

My most exotic food!!!

My most exotic dish.
During my trip I ate many exotic dishes, but the most exotic one... was the one that I preprepared myself in Mexico. It started very innocently. I wanted to cook scramble eggs, so I went to the market. On one of the stands I found... cactus. I got know from the lady that was selling it how to cook it.

MEXICO, here I am!!!!

In the morning I walked up in San Pedro de Lagoon and initially I wanted to stay longer in Guatemala.... but in the evening I got to Mexico! South Mexico was said to be relatively safe, so I started to hitchhike. I managed to get to lifts at the back of the truck and I felt completely free, completely independent, completely merged with the wind.

Chicken Bus

Beautiful chicken buses.
There is great mean of transport in Central America - Chicken Bus. It is an old American School bus which is beautifully painted and decorated. On some of them there are even silver sculptures attached. But inside.... they did not exchange seats... For most of the people it is completely fine since they are short, but I am very tall so initially I had some problems where to squeeze my legs. With time I got used to this small inconvenience. Usually in this bus there was interesting atmosphere. Loud music, packed people, interesting conversations, some small animals.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Trip to Santa Clara Mirador

Chapi at the view point.
San Pedro de Lagoon is one of the city located close to the lake Lake Atitlan beneath the volcano. Together with Lidka, Chapi and Joner we decided to climb to the view points. It was an easy climb, but the challenge was to avoid the check point where one has to buy entrance ticket to..... this mountain. First of all we were not sure if they have right to charge for this trip, secondly, my Artesanías were on much lower daily budget than I was, so it was crucial point for them.

Market photo session.

CSC_1734One day together with Lidka we went for a photo session on a local market in San Pedro. We walked around and 90% of people were very happy that we want to take a photo of them. I like a lot few of those shots.


CSC_1735I promised you once to write a little bit more about Artesanías. Artesanías are people that travel and sell art that they make. They usually finance they travel and life through what they can sell. They never know if they manage to sell anything that particular days. Artesanías are usually a very interesting people. Those people are usually free of many daily worries. They love temporariness. They love the moments. I would say that they are hippies of Latin America.

They also know how and where to party!!!

School parade

CSC_0999During my very interesting stay in Jalpatagua I witness the school parade in this city. There was a school anniversary and dressed up children walked around the city. It was very interesting event. Some of them were dressed up like a beauty queens, some of them dressed up in the huge bags....