About me

My name is Mikołaj.

I come from Łódź. I am scientist, I finished my PhD in molecular biology at MPI-CBG in Dresden. During my PhD I searched for new genes involved in DNA repair in humans. You can have a look on my podcast summarizing my work here, and if you are scientific freak you can have a look on my original paper here.

Now I decided to travel a bit in two different socks.

If you want to contact me, please leave a comment or email me:
biomiko *at* tlen.pl 
(*at* you have to substitute with @ )

You can also try to send me SMS. There are sometimes (but not always) reaching me: +48 69 69 60 609

I finished my travel and I moved to Heidelberg in Germany, where as a PostDoc and I investigate drug resistance in leukemia in NCT/DKFZ.

Me on my way: