Friday, February 4, 2011


Durian does not smell like any other food,
Durian does not look like any other fruit,
Durian does not taste like anything else.
Yes, I think I got addicted on this trip to an amazing fruit, to Durian. But this was not a love from the first sniff.
I tasted it initially in Laos... And it was stinky, smelled like old shoes, and had a strange soft consistency, only a bit harder than butter. Bee.

But I somehow decided to try it again in two weeks time. This time the fruit did not smell so bad, and had a very neutral taste.
In few days I tried it once again, and yea I started to like it a bit.
But when next time I smelled Durian.... my digestion tracks straight a way startes to produce digestive enzymes and were requesting a decent portion of Durian.

Now I can not stop. I am hooked on Durian. I guess this is the only fruit that one is first sniffing on the market than seeing it....

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