Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Couchsurfing and studing Spanish

Diana and Manuel.
My most important aim for Paraguay was to devote some time and to study Spanish. Already being in Asia I bough a self-learning book with Cd's as well as I downloaded a few podcast for learning Spanish. When I was traveling in Asia I was listening to them from time to time, but I never had enough time to sit and study with the book. In Asuncion I managed to stay in Diana´s place doing couchsurfing. I was sightseeing a bit the city, but most of the day I studied Spanish with my book and it was very useful. After my stay in Asuncion I was able to keep an conversation with the locals :)

It was also helpful that Diana did not speak too much English, so basically I got myself immersed in Spanish language.

Party at Diana´s place.
Diana, my host, is truly wonderful person. She helped me a lot with the Spanish. She also choose few Spanish songs with easy lyrics which I could use for improving my Spanish. We also shared a lot of lough together and tried to figure out a real teleportation method.

It was great time in Asuncion. Thank you Diana for hosting me for soo long.

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  1. Está muy bueno tu comentarioMiko, seguís aprendiendo Español.Saludos