Monday, May 16, 2011

Power of waterfall - being a drop of water

Being a drop of water.
I visited one of the most impressive waterfall Iguaza Falls, where the massive quantity of water is falling down the cliff. The time of my visit was the end of the rainy season so the river was rich in water.
When I was standing surrounded by waterfalls I had a great will of being a drop of a water.
Just imagine one is flowing down the river as integral identity with all water drops around, than suddenly one experience this dramatically waterfall where one gets separated from all fellows. One is flying, flying in the air until splashing on the water surface and uniting with all other water drops around creating
Iguazu Falls
the proceeding flow of the river. One Zen master compared our earth life to the water drop falling from the waterfall which gets unify with the universe before and after earth life.

The waterfall is a fascinating moment of the life for the drop of the water.

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