Thursday, March 10, 2011

Unkempt Thoughts, what did I learn so far...

In India as well as in South East Asia I learnt many different things. I guess there was no single day that I did not learn anything. Local people that I met had dramatically different perspective of life than mine. The travelers are searching for many different things on the way and they are trying to organise the life in such a different ways. Everyone of us can be a director of his own life and some directors are so creative. Amazing.

But if I was supposed to pick up one, the most important truth that I managed to discover so far, this would be the following. For the last years I always tried to find good sides from every single people that I meet on my way. But now I think that it was not entirely correct approach. I guess if you give enough time for observation and give enough time opportunity to the person, every single person has a good core. It is possible that this core is hidden under anger and frustration, but look closely...

I am not saying that I started to like everyone around. It is a bit like with the food. I do not like all type of food, but I realized that it is worth to give a second, third and ... chance to a particular food to figure out if you really like it.

Sometimes it is very difficult to get through every day curtain of anger and frustration. It is difficult for me to give a fair second chance to a individual that hurted me, but I will try. I still do not agree with many actions that I make as well as individuals around me, but I think I try not to criticise the individuals around me as whole. Everyone of us has certain genetic and social background. I am very lucky to get lot of parental love in my childhood and now. How would my moral standards looked like if I would be for example sexually abused as a child? I do not know but for sure different.

I really loved biking experience in Cambodia and Laos, especially the fact that I did not have either tent nor repairing tools for my bicycle with me. This made me completely dependant on local people. In the modern society we are trying to be independent. I liked that I was brave enough to experience the completely dependence feeling from local people.

I think it is very difficult to filter the actions of the others that are bad and that one have to stand up against them. There are some obvious situations, where I am sure that I should stand up against bad actions. But life is not black and white. It has all the rainbow of grey colours. What is the threshold that one should use to take an actions? I do not know, I hope to figure it out one day.

I want to be more strict with myself and others. From the school times I remember that much more influence on me had a strict teachers. If I want to encourage and motivate others I should lern to be more strict.
During this travel I think I was two times strict with others, actually both times happened in my beloved Laos. First situation was when I tried to get out from Don Det and the local people did not want to allow me to use the local ferry since they had mafia arrangement and they were overcharging tourist. Finally I got on the local ferry, got to the other shore where the boatmen liked my persistence and shock my hand (whole story you can read here). The second situation happened in Vag Vieng and finished almost in a bar fight (you can read about this here).

I guess few times during this travel I was closer to the death than average. I believe that the closest experience was in Ladakh when we were chased by the mood avalanche. I red very interesting book The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, by Sogyal Rinpoche, and I come to conclusion that I believe I could face my death. I do not want to dye any time soon, but usually we are not choosing the place or the time of our death. I had such a wonderful life so far, I met such a interesting people that I think I could face death if it would show up on my way.


  1. Life is beautiful if you want to learn to love around you, not a lot of protest but learn to accept circumstances, poor or rich, modern or ancient, it's all the advantages of each.
    Life is full of challenges but behind it all there is beauty that will feel when you are united with nature around you and love

    good luck to discover yourself
    salam, Ratnauli Gultom

  2. Miko, my friend, me and all your friends and family love you and are waiting for your return. God bless you, everything will be just great...we are moving to munich in july... Nata