Friday, February 18, 2011

EcoFarm on Lake Toba island.

EcoFarm, view from the lake.
In Sabang (Pulau Weh) I met Beat, Swiss biker. We snorkeled few times together and we shared the same bungalow. He told me about his wonderful experience of staying for one week on the EcoFarm, in Silimalumbu on Samosir Island. I decided to go there for few days, and finally I stayed there longer than I anticipated be...

Lake Toba is the largest post volcanic lake in the world created 69.000-77.000 years a ago. This eruption was the biggest in eruption in the last 25 millions years and  caused the volcanic winter. It is also suggested that it killed most human alive causing genetic bottle neck (for more read here).

CSC_8476Ratna worked for many years in Jakarta and in Medan in logistic company. Two years ago she decided to move back to her family house where her mother was living alone. Her father was a local king, he had tree wives and.... 19 children. Ratna's family own a bit of land, two small fish farms, many mango and Durian tries.

She tries to set up Eco-village, plant trees in the neighborhood, educate local people how to treat plastic waste. She dreams to make hare surroundings much more pleasant. During my stay in Silimalombu I helped her in many of those activities. But my biggest imput was to help her to set up blog and to teach her how to update it. If you want to see it, have a look here.

The aim of the blog is to attract volunteers to the ecofarm. Ranta offers accomodation and lodging for help with her activities.

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