Travel Mates

This trip is a school of life for me. I visit so many different places. Different places are the reason to change the geographic location. But the most important are different people that I met on my way, and from whom I learn a lot.
I travel solo, thanks to this I am exposed towards contact with different travelers as well as local people. I have so many different traveling mates.

I did not manage to take photo of every of my traveling friend, but I manage to take a photo of most of them.
I travel alone, but there are rare moments that I am alone.

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On all the photos you can find a blue-white object. It is Pipette, a necessary tool of molecular biology scientist, It is used for measuring and transferring the exact volume of liquid. This Pipette is a very spacial one, is a leaving present from my laboratory mates in Dresden. One one side of the Pipette there is an Dresden panorama on the other side there is a saying Mikołaj Magic Wand, Dresden 2010 . And indeed it is my magic wand. I meet so wonderful people on my road....