My Travel

This trip is a very important "school of life" for me.

There is nothing pre-arranged for this trip. I did not get round the world ticket. Initially I went to Asia for several months. I spent two and a half month in India, mostly in Himalayas in Ladakh and Sikkim. Then I bicycle from Cambodia to Laos. From there I went to Thailand which I treat very much as course place. I attended the meditation retreat here as well as learnt how to dive. My final destination in Asia was Sumatra, Indonesia, where I stayed on the eco-farm on the Lake Toba. Then I found incredible flight promotion from Kula Lumpur to Paris for 160 Euro and I tried to find a sailing boat to cross Atlantic. But I was too late the crossing season and the last boat left 10 days before my arrival. I manage to find a cheap flight and I got teleportated to Brazil... one day before carnival. From there I moved to Paraguay, where I devoted my time to study Spanish on my own. Afterwards two days hitchhiking in Argentina and I visited amazing Salt Desert in Boliva. I did not stay in Bolivia too long since I wanted to meet my sister and my cousin in South Peru. We traveled together for three weeks. Then I moved on my own to fascinating Peru and Colombian Amazon, where I got stuck for five weeks. From Leticia in Colombia I flew to the Colombian Caribbeans coast. I managed to sail from Cartagena to Panama through amazing San Blas. From Panama I moved on land to Nicaragua and I hitchhike through the El Salvador. I am in Guatemala right now continuing going North. My latest location you can check on the My Route Site, which I try to update as often as possible.

Below are my most interesting stories:

Under the bridge
Stok Kangri (elevation 6137m)
Leh (3500m) to Khardung La (5359m) - bike race
Surfing the Himalayas from Leh to Manali 
Which way? To and from Holy Lake.

Bamboo train in Cambodgian jungle

Biking Indiana Jones 
No Men's Land - The Boarder experience 

Map of Laos - Quiz!!! Ultimate Jungle experience
Amazing day in Laos
Sticky life, sticky rice
iLisu – the smartest bicycle


Seeking Inner Peace - Meditation retreat
Couch surfing christmas
Unreal paradise

Indonesia (Sumatra)
Looking inside our planet 2 - climbing Gunung Sinabung volcano
EcoFarm on Lake Toba island.

Unkempt Thoughts, what did I learn so far...

Carnival marathon in Brazil
Power of waterfall - being a drop of water

Couchsurfing and studing Spanish

Hitchhiking across Argentina.

Entrance to heaven - lagunas
Heaven gates - Salar de Uyuni (Salt desert)

Salkantay trek
With the flow of queen of the rivers...
Getting connected to the Amazon or getting lost in Amazon

Dolphins, harmony, full moon...
Sailing Cartagena - San Blas - Panama

Nicaraguan friends, Polish agents and best food in central America. Everything in Leon.

El Salvador
How did I celebrate my traveling birthdays?