Monday, October 25, 2010

Bamboo train in Cambodgian jungle

Bamboo train driver.
Deep in Cambodian jungle there is single track rail line, which the local people are using for local transport goods to and from the market. But there is a need to use this track in both directions and few people can use train tracks in the same time.... so what to do if two trains meet? Easy, disassemble one train and assemble it afterward. It is possible if the train is ultra-light and is built from bamboo.

I heard about this train on the bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap and immediately I decided to make a detour in my trip and see it, and I went to Battambang.
I wanted to ride this unique train for the sun rise. I did not manage to find any other traveler to join me, so I had to rent the whole train on my own... for 10$. I guess this was the only time in my life when I rent a train for myself.

Assembling of bamboo train.
The train consists from exactly four parts: two pairs of wheels, on which goes the bamboo platform, and finally small engine that goes at the back. Two people are needed to rise the bamboo platform and it takes less then 30s to disassemble/assemble or to change the direction of riding for the train.

My train started before the sun rise, when it was still very dark. On the way we came across two other bamboo trains going in opposite directions.... luckily we did not come across the traditional, metal train. I was told that the train drivers know the schedule of the metal trains but for the whole way I was kind of prepared to jump out from the bamboo train.

This was an ultimate ride through the jungle. If you dream to try bamboo train, hurry up. Cambodian government is planning to build new train tracks next year, which would mean the end of the bamboo train.

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