Sunday, May 29, 2011

Heaven gates - Salar de Uyuni (Salt desert)

Dion at heaven gates.
What is your imagination of heaven gates, or stairways to heaven? Or did you ever dream about walking in the clouds? Can you imagine that the photos of the salt desert are only partially as beautiful as this place in reality?
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Entrance to heaven - lagunas

In Bolivia I did not have lot of time, so I decided to see one recommended by many people - Bolivian heaven - Salar de Uyuni (Salt Desert). The beauty of this place is incredible. So incredible, that it almost become my grave.... but about this at the end of the story....

Train cementary

Train cementary
There is a place, on the desert, few kilometers from Uyuni, where trains finishes they life. They stay at the end of the one way track, and are enjoying they own company, the sun and the sand around. Those trains have still they magic power and majesty's.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hitchhiking across Argentina.

From Paraguay I wanted to get for few days to Bolivia and from there I had to hurry to meet my sister and my cousin is south Peru. I would love to explore some corners of Paraguay, but I will have to do it next time. For now I decided to get to South Bolivia through Argentina and I wanted to hitchhike there.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Terere and sopa Paraguay (Paraguayan soup)

Terere equipment hidden in the tree whole.
In Paraguay cold Mate (Terere) is extremely popular. In Asuncion many people are walking around with the cup, spoon and the thermos. Seriously, so many people, bread seller, taxi driver, bank Clark, even the policemen on duty has all his mate equipment at hand. I tried it and I like it. It is delicious.

Couchsurfing and studing Spanish

Diana and Manuel.
My most important aim for Paraguay was to devote some time and to study Spanish. Already being in Asia I bough a self-learning book with Cd's as well as I downloaded a few podcast for learning Spanish. When I was traveling in Asia I was listening to them from time to time, but I never had enough time to sit and study with the book. In Asuncion I managed to stay in Diana´s place doing couchsurfing. I was sightseeing a bit the city, but most of the day I studied Spanish with my book and it was very useful. After my stay in Asuncion I was able to keep an conversation with the locals :)

Funny building.

There is not too many buildings that might me lough. Actually I can recall two famous, funny buildings: dancing house in Prague and Crooked house in Sopot. One day when I was wandering around Asuncion I found the building that initially I could not understand what it was, and than I figured out that it might have been kind of architectural joke.

Charming Asuncion

Palace of president at the back, pigs at the front.
I seriously think that the Asuncion is a charming capital and very easy going. For the European standard, it is probably not the safest capital, but I guess it is one of the safest capital in south America. I could wander on my own there! Whiteout too much fear!!! Asuncion lacks touristic attractions but it has its hidden charm.

Jesuit ruins

Trinidad during the sun set.
I managed to get to the Trinidad site just before sun set. The ruins were nice, but the site did not impressed me too much. I liked a lot the beauty of the sky and the upcoming storm. But I was told that at the night there will be a night visualization of this site and that I could enter with the same ticket. And this visualization with the lights and music in the background was truly amazingly beautiful.

Adventurous bus trip in Paraguay

Paraguay women.
As a first stop in Paraguay I planned to stop at the Jesuit's ruins which were four - five hours away by bus from the Brazil-Paraguay boarder. But before getting to the bus station I need to fulfilled the usually, first quest after entering new country. Luckily this time I was much more successful than in Brazil. It took me only 1h to find working cash machine that would accept the Deutsche Bank maestro card. I was very happy from this success and I proceed to the bus station. On the way I met one Peruvian fellow and I had my first semi-Spanish conversation. I hardly could understands him, but at the end he invited me to his place in Peru....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Toucan friend

Last place that I visited at the Iguazu was the bird botanic garden. In this garden the rules were a bit different. Instead of watching the birds in the cage, one could enter the huge cage with birds. In one of those cages there ware Toucans. I never new that that Toucans are such a interactive fellows.


At the parking slot, next to Iguazu waterfalls I noticed a few butterflies gathering together. I came closer and even more
butterflies appeared. I came even closer and sat in between them. It was fascinating. They were not afraid of me, and they were magnetized to the one, very define location. From time to time they were flying away but then coming back and resting next to me. I sat here for quite a while, I was contemplating the moment. And then suddenly three local people started to run towards me shouting and waving with they hands.

Power of waterfall - being a drop of water

Being a drop of water.
I visited one of the most impressive waterfall Iguaza Falls, where the massive quantity of water is falling down the cliff. The time of my visit was the end of the rainy season so the river was rich in water.
When I was standing surrounded by waterfalls I had a great will of being a drop of a water.

Porto Alegre

During the carnival in Brazil I met a very interesting polish girl -Karolka, who was voluntarily working in Porto Alegre. In Porto Alegre there is third generation of Polish migration. Karolka came to Porto Alegre in order to teach them Polish language, Polish customs and traditions. The first day I joined the projection of one of my favourite polish movie - Jasminum.

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo graffity.
It is sixth largest in the world. The first day I felt overwhelmed by this city. However one is not feeling such a huge number of inhabitants there since a city center is very small and and most poor people live and work on the suburbs. It was a city where I did couchsurfing with Leonardo. He is a great fellow who did bachelors in philosophy as the preparation for study veterinary. He wants to be scientist and he thought that the philosophy would be necessary preparation for it.

Rio de Janeiro

Island close to Rio coverd in clouds.
After the marathon carnival in Salvador and Recife I took a night flight to Rio. I hardly remember anything from the Recife airport or the flight. I arrived at the airport, check in, found my gate and immediately fell asleep. I set up my alarm clock for boarding but someone woke me up. I entered the plane and immediately fell asleep again.

Brazil cash machine fight.

Did you ever played the cash machine lottery? I believe yes. In Europe the success rate of this lottery, if you have enough founds on you account, is usually very high. But when one is traveling he might start to appreciate every single won game.