Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dolphins, harmony, full moon...

True friendship.
Pink dolphins, overwhelming animal harmony, full moon rise over the amazon and the longest snake in the city.... I experienced it all in Colombian jungle in Leticia and Puerto Narunio.

Longest snake in Leticia at large.
Leticia is a small Colombian city deep in the jungle. Even here one could notice that this country is much more developed than Peru. But the most striking difference for me was the music that local people were listening. The Colombian music was so great that one could not stand still for too long. I spent in the city only one day and I had seen.... the longest and the biggest snake at large. He had over three meters and the local told me that he was poisonous.... Luckily he went other direction than I.

Chidren in  Puerto Narunio.
After one day in Leticia I went to Puerto Narinio, small Colombian village. Technically I stayed in the lodge 15 minutes walking distance from this village, on the river bank and closed to the small lake.

Sergio and Jorge.
Tropical rain in Amazon river.
Here I met two Spanish guys Sergio and Jorge with whom we went fishing one day. We managed to catch quite a few fishes but all of them were very very tiny so we did not decided to cook it afterwards. When we were coming back from the fishing excursion we encountered huge, tropical rain. Without thinking too much me and Jorge decided to jump to the water and enjoied different perspective towards this rain. Last time I swam in the water during the rain like this in Indonesia, in Lake Toba (not counting swimming next too canoe when we got lost in the jungle). I like this perspective towards rain.

Definition of harmony.
The lodge was full of animals there are two small monkeys that loved to sleep on ones neck. One of the monkey was a great friend with the cat. They loved hanging out together. There was also a dog who sometimes joined them during their excursion. True harmony.

Friends again.
There was a full moon for my last night in the Amazon. I decided to rent on my own a small canoe from my lodge and in order to see the sun set and moon rise over the amazon. I departed one hour before the sun set and paddle to the lagoon... My canoe way a very old wooden one and was leaking quite a bit. But it was not a huge problem. I just had to stop paddling every five minutes and remove water for several seconds.

Full moon.
The sun set was beautiful but it was the first time in my life when I fully appreciate and observed in details amazing FULL MOON RISE!!! That night nature had additional power. I am sure that all the nature around felt that it is full moon and probably it felt that it is my last night in Amazon. There were plenty of Fireflies and all jungle life was waking up for its night shift. I was alone on the whole lake, surrounded by amazon waters, jungle and with the full moon above. Magic moment.

Plant in Amazon.
Initially I wanted to search a bit for crocodiles, but since it was a wet season it was difficult to find one. There were short moments that I was not sure if it is safe for me to be there alone, but I was told that if only I stay in canoe I should be fine. Just in case I had my machete with me. I searched a bit for crocodiles but I was not too disappointed not to find one :)

When I was going back suddenly something huge swam very close to my canoe. I got a bit scared for a second but then I realized that it was a river dolphin - the pink one. I stooped paddling and enjoyed their company for few minutes. They came here to say goodbye to me in the name of the whole amazon jungle... I promised them that I will come back here one day....

From Leticia there is no overland road inside the Colombia, so I decided to fly straight a way to Colombian Caribbean sea side to Santa Marta.

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  1. Incredible cat with little monkey, so sweet!!!